Megan and Jared

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Our Story

Meg and Jared's paths first crossed in 2015 at their college in the sleepy town of Purcellville, when a giant, plastic bag of chocolate milk burst in the dining hall on campus. Meg, a freshman, was trying to clean up the milk when Jared, concussed from a recent car accident, sauntered over. He was looking for more chocolate milk, but instead he found a cute, talkative girl trying to clean up the milk.

Being both quick-witted, comical, and avid lovers of reading, they struck up a fast friendship. Before long, Jared joined Meg's breakfast shift at the dining hall, eager to impress her with his knowledge of fruit. When Meg tried to impress him with her knowledge of omelet-making, she accidentally turned on the gas before lighting the stove and almost burned off all her hair - Jared was impressed.

Their friendship developed into a relationship over long talks on campus and walks around town. During their three years on campus together, they joined forensic debate teams, took core classes, watched hundreds of films, read books, worked a summer job, led a campaign team in Florida, hung out with friends, joined a church, played soccer, and explored NoVA together. Through all of the stresses and excitement of college, Jared and Meg were always there for each other, encouraging one another in Christ and urging one another to finish the race strong.

Jared proposed to Meg on October 25, 2018 on a beautiful, crisp day in the historic town of Harper's Ferry, Virginia. She thought that he was taking her on a ghost tour and was thoroughly surprised when he instead led her to beautiful church ruins with a view of the Potomac in sight. There, he knelt down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. (Spoiler alert - she said, "Yes!")

We are so excited to invite you to join us on September 7, 2019 at the beautiful grounds of Stover Hall in the Shenandoah Valley for the union of Meg McEwen and Jared Midwood.


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Wedding Ceremony and Reception

5:30 PM, September 7, 2019
Stover Hall
1381 US Hwy Business 340, Luray, Virginia 22835

Questions you may have:

What should I wear?
The event will be semi-Formal (we recommend shoes that will not sink in grass for the outdoor ceremony).

Who should I contact if I have special dietary concerns?
Jenny McEwen

I'm coming in from out of town. What are my travel options?
See "Flight Information" page.

Where should I stay?
See "Recommended Accomodations" page.
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Wedding Party

Emi McEwen

Maid of Honor

Emi is Meg's only sister and best friend. They've shared almost everything over the years, incluing bedrooms, clothing, memes, workout strategies, laughs, and hugs! Emi is smart, sweet, and very determined. Emi is taking her maid of honor duties very serious, and she's super excited to be a part of Meg's big day.

Joshua Midwood

Best Man

Joshua, better known as Josh, is Jared’s only brother. Growing up as the only kids in a tight-knit homeschooling family, Jared and Josh did everything together. They’ve bonded over the years playing soccer, listening to hip hop music, and engaging in various levels of competition against each other whenever possible. Jared thinks Josh is a bona fide legend. Josh is training to be an EMT, but is happy to take a break from saving people’s lives to be Jared’s best man this coming September.

Thomas McEwen


Thomas is Meg’s brother. They've been buddies for years - from playing computer games to running on the same cross country team to wrestle matches on the trampoline. Thomas is analytical and sharp, currently majoring in computer science at North Carolina State. Thomas has totally never beaten Jared at chess.

Elliot McEwen


Elliot is Meg's little brother, and they have always been close. Jared and Elliot developed a friendship playing Airsoft and Call of Duty together. Jared thinks Elliot’s gardening skills are awesome, and wishes Elliot would show him how to grow plants without killing them. Elliot is soft-spoken and thoughtful, but extremely kind and considerate. Jared enjoys their conversations whenever he visits the McEwens in North Carolina.

Michael DeFazio


Jared and Mike met last summer, and they've been hanging out ever since. Their friendship almost ended when Jared borrowed all of Mike's good Pokemon, but they got past their differences and are now inseparable. They can be found on the weekends failing to get out of escape rooms, working out, watching movies, and listening to Sicko Mode remixes on Soundcloud. Jared is excited to have one of his best friends standing beside him on September 7.

Ally Parker


Ally is Meg's cousin and has been her buddy ever since they were too small to crawl! If you need a cheerleader, Ally's your girl! She's spunky, fun-loving, and big on hugs. She is passionate about helping people and hopes to be a pediatrician someday. She is currently attending the University of Georgia.

Finn Murphy


Finn, Gage’s younger brother, is another cousin that Jared grew up doing plenty of fun things with (they even got into Fortnite for awhile, although it’s best not to talk about that). Even though Finn is quite a bit younger than Jared, Jared thinks he’s a great example of someone who can have tons of fun all while touching with kindness the lives of those around him.

Karen Inouye


When Karen and Meg won their senior superlative category for "Partners in Crime," that was not an understatement. They've been inseparable friends ever since they met in 8th grade biology. Even though they had to split ways to attend college, they still grab coffee every chance they can get!

Andrew Mowry


Andrew, a PHC alum, didn't get to know Jared until after both graduated. Through sheer fate, they ended up working down the hall from each other, and they became good friends. They bonded over their mutual love of politics, football, and mayonnaise. Andrew even managed to get Jared in the gym, where the two found another shared interest. They plan to run a Spartan race together in June, but Jared is definitely NOT letting Andrew give a speech at his wedding.

Marina Moreira


Marina and Meg made the same trek from Macon, GA to VA as freshmen four years ago. They decided to be roommates and have been making memories together ever since - from trying to keep fish alive, to watching cheesy chickflicks and surviving drama, to joining the soccer team on a whim.

Seth Shepherd


Jared and Seth’s friendship began when Jared introduced Seth to Futurama, Cava, and soccer - all in one summer. Seth decided Jared was too valuable not to keep around, so they decided to live together the next summer as well. As roommates, the two deepened their friendship by working security shifts together and hanging out as much as possible. Although Seth is one of Jared’s best friends, he is still from Indiana - which can be a lot to look past sometimes.

Alana Varley


Alana and Meg bonded over their mutual love for coffee, quality time, and adventuring. Alana is a no-nonsense girl with a big heart who is the first person to encourage and cheer on her girlfriends. She likes pop music, clothing brands, soccer, and small towns.

Victoria Cook


When Victoria and Meg first met in Journalism I class freshman year, Meg knew she'd found a fast friend. Victoria and Meg have prayed for and encouraged each other over the years at college. Meg has always appreciated Victoria's spirit of peace and joy - and her clever pranks.

Reagan Simmons

Junior Bridesmaid

Reagan is Meg's cousin. She's very knowledgeable, sweet, and spunky. She loves to dance and sing and take care of her hermit crabs. She's Harper's big sister. Meg's favorite memory with Reagan is when they did a hair tutorial together.

Harper Simmons and Emory McEwen

Flower Girl/Child

Harper and Emory are Meg's little cousins. They were especially excited to receive Barbie brides with the sign, "Will you be my flower girl?" Harper ran around the room exclaiming, "I'm getting married!" We informed her that she was not getting married.

Recommended Accommodations

Accommodation Description

Since Luray, VA is known as the "cabin capital", we would recommend that you stay in a cabin or an inn, a bed and breakfast, a VRBO, or an AirBNB. There are over 500 cabins that you  could rent in this area; however, since the fall is the prime time that visitors come to this area, we would recommend that you book a place right away! We have also blocked rooms at two Hampton Inn Hotels. One of the hotels is in Front Royal, VA which is 40 minutes north of the wedding venue towards Washington, D.C. and the other Hampton Inn is in Harrisonburg, VA which is 40 minutes south of the wedding venue. Below are some cabin rental, inn, and bed and breakfast ideas for you, as well as the Hampton Inn Hotels.

The Inn of the Shenandoah

Visit Website

River Dell Bed and Breakfast

Piney Hill Bed and Breakfast and Cottages

Hampton Inn Harrisonburg-South

This Hampton Inn is about 40 minutes south of Stover Hall. This hotel is located at 43 Covenant Drive, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 22801, USA . If you would like to stay at this hotel, we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible, because it is located in the same town as James Madison University, who will be having their first football game of the season that weekend. We have a link below that will take you to the rooms that have been blocked for the McEwen/Midwood Wedding.

Hampton Inn Front Royal

This Hampton Inn is about 40 minutes north of Stover Hall toward the Washington, D.C. area. This hotel is located at 9800 Winchester Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630. We have a link below that will take you to the rooms that have been blocked for the McEwen/Midwood Wedding. The phone number is also listed below.

Mayneview Bed and Breakfast

Woodruff House Bed and Breakfast

South Court Inn

Once Upon a Mountain Bed and Breakfast

Widow Kips Country Inn

Rosendale Inn

Shenandoah Woods

Lazy River Cabins

Christopher's Riverside Cabin

Gander Island Cabins

Luray Country Cabins


This site is great for finding vacation rentals that are rented by the owner. There are a lot of VRBOs in the area.


AirBNBs are also good places to stay. Make sure to read reviews on these before renting.

Gift Registry

Bed Bath & Beyond

Find wedding gift suggestions for Jared and Meg at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Crate & Barrel

Find the perfect gift for Meg and Jared at Crate & Barrel.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts can be sent to the following address:

17526 Lethridge Circle, Round Hill, VA, 20141

Honeymoon Shore Excursions

...OR, consider giving Jared and Meg the creative gift of a honeymoon excursion! They will be cruisin' around the British Isles for their honeymoon, with a variety of tours and adventures awaiting them. Simply go to the link below and voila!

Wedding Venue ~ Stover Hall

Stover Hall

Nestled between the Blue Ridge and the Massanutten Mountains Stover Hall Wedding Venue is situated on five lush acres and surrounded by magnificent views of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. The venue boasts an 1830's house, cute little cottage, barn, and exquisite hall. We can't wait for you to see it!

Address: 1381 US Hwy Business 340, Luray, VA 22835

Flight Information

Flight Details

*Note, Stover Hall is approximately 9.5 hours from Macon and Birmingham and 8 hours from Springfield.

  1. If you decide to fly, we recommend that you fly into the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport. This airport is 54 minutes away from the venue. You can rent a car to get to the venue from the airport.
  2. The Washington Dulles airport is 1 hour and 44 minutes from the venue.
  3. You can also fly from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This airport is 2 hours from the venue, but it is the closest to D.C. (if you are planning to spend a couple days in D.C. prior to the wedding, we recommend this airport).
  4. There are cheap flights directly from the Macon airport to the Baltimore/Washington International airport, however the airport is three hours from the venue (traffic may also extenuate the drive).
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